Orthopedic & Surgical Rehabilitation

Orthopedic & surgical rehabilitation in high altitudes stimulates the coronary circulation system even with very slight physical exertion.

Losses in performance from immobilization or limited movement after an injury can be quickly and precisely compensated. The conditions under high altitude climates can also relieve tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints by up to 30% compared to training at normal altitude.


LOXYMED rehabilitation is recommended for all indications resulting from restricted performance or movement capability, or those which might lead to such a restriction. In particular:

  • Inability to train or stress the body due to an injury of the supporting or kinesthetic system
  • Prevention before an invasive surgical/orthopedic operation
  • Postoperative use for faster regeneration and recovery of capacity

Therapy goals

Besides better general physical fitness, this program targets the following effects:

  • Faster recuperation of performance by reducing the stress to ligaments, tendons and joints in the early and middle rehabilitation phases
  • Maintenance of aerobic capabilities (= endurance) in phases of limited capacity to handle stress due to injuries or illnesses
  • Improved blood values before operations
  • Improved tissue and organ blood supply through the stimulated growth in microcapillary length and microcirculation.

Practical application

In the LOXYMED® area the user can be supervised by specialized therapists parallel to a traditional rehabilitation in a high altitude climate in low lands. All programs are individually designed.