Personal Training & Prevention

Whether or not the aging process can really be stopped has been given a convincing answer by vascular researchers using scientific data:

An optimally functioning vascular system is clearly the best way to slow aging.

Reduced circulation in the large blood vessels (arteriosclerosis), especially in the millions of tiny micro blood vessels (malfunctioning micro circulation) has far-reaching effects: lack of oxygen supply to the cells, increased destructive free radicals and a poorly functioning immune system against pathogens and cancer cells. All of this makes our organs, and thus our body, old.

LOXYMED® prevention helps you to slow down the aging process and effectively prevent diseases caused by old age. 

Therapy goals

Besides an overall better physical fitness, this program targets:
  • Increased physical and psychological resilience through improved stress tolerance
  • Improved blood values
  • Increased oxygen transportation capacity
  • Regeneration of the immune system
  • Reduced pulse at rest
  • Increased concentration
  • Healthier sleep
  • Better quality of life
Practical application

At the beginning and end of the LOXYMED® prevention program a conclusive diagnosis is conducted for individual metabolic processes, performance capacity parameters (pulse, oxygen saturation in the blood), and important parameters for the supporting/kinesthetic systems.