Competitive Sports & Alpinism

High altitude training and targeted acclimation have been used for decades in modern competitive sports and alpinism.

The “hypoxia-enhanced training“ (training at high altitudes and under normal conditions on the same day) is considered one of the greatest potential performance enhancers in international sports.

Olympic medal winners, world and European champions, top alpinists and high altitude tourists have been using the competence available at the international high altitude training center in Berlin since 2000. More than 12.000 training units in 34 different Olympic disciplines have been executed.

Range of services offered/benefits

  • Training in individually selected altitude climates
  • Year-round use of the altitude training in connection with various services
  • Variable adaptation of the altitude
  • Less stress on tendons, ligaments and joints
  • Maintenance of a high aerobic performance level in competitive seasons
  • No adjustments to time and nutrition
  • Use of high altitude for faster regeneration
  • Preparation before competitions or training phases in natural altitude
  • Performance diagnostics at high altitudes
  • Individual acclimatization programs 

Training goals 

  • Increased aerobic performance level
  • Improved lactate-performance correlation
  • Higher maximum level of oxygen absorption
  • More effective oxygen utilization in stressed muscle cells
  • Efficient cardio-vascular circulatory system
  • Faster rehabilitation after injuries and surgery
  • Adaptation of breathing, metabolism and circulation to mountain altitudes.
Practical application

The stress level is based on modern performance diagnostics to analyze the best altitude and the biological reactions within cell metabolism to increased intensity. A precise training plan is then developed and incorporated into the concept for the whole year.